Software defined

We believe complex hardware production should mirror contemporary software production.

We create industrial robotics so flexible, it can quickly and easily adapt to produce any new product, meaning time to market is much shorter, and capital expense much lower.


Robotics and artificial intelligence are intensively growing and are both complex areas.
Therefore we develop and use a wide range of technologies.

Computer vision

Enables robots to see surroundings, control motions, and identify work to be done. Makes it possible to plan and perform precise operations in changing environments in real-time.

Force control

Adds to sensor fusion, increasing precision of operations to micrometers where needed.


Full virtualization of factory operations enables complex planning of simultaneous operations, making it possible to assess, optimize and execute production processes.

Robotic vehicles

Our bots move components, robots and tools for undisrupted production processes.

Robofacturing technologies

Data driven robotic operation control system with support of robofacturing process analytics. Real-time complex event processing. Factory anomalies and problems detection.

Analytics over historical data.

Near real-time multi-agent environment for planning and execution of technological and production operations.

Dynamic scene calibration and dynamic robotic cell configuration.

Robot controller based on open architecture. Improved kinematic models and algorithms. Support of force measuring sensors and computer vision algorithms. Automatic identification of robots and connected sensors.

Safety and traceability of anomalies in the production process.

Industrial robots adaptive controlling.

Mobile assembly tables, base frames, skids and racks for parts and materials.

Experienced multidisciplinary team

We are made up of experts in engineering, software, artificial intelligence and robotics, coming from some of the most progressive companies in the world.

Our team members have previously worked at the following range of companies:

Open for collaboration

A highly scientific-intensive culture, evolving alongside the fast pace of robotics and artificial intelligence, we are active community developers with a focus on building partnerships with both industrial companies and academia.

On a practical mission

We believe that factories will eventually be robofacturing everything wherever and whenever it is needed. We are currently setting up our first factory, capable of moving, fitting, gluing, bolting or harnessing any design. This factory will be producing smart electric vans for our partner Arrival. Based in Banbury, United Kingdom. Will start deliveries in 2019.



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